Diabetic Retinopathy


Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that results from diabetes, weakening the blood vessels that provide nourishment to the retina. The weak vessels become fragile and can easily bleed causing swelling in the retina and blurry vision.


In the early stages of diabetic retinopathy, there are no noticeable symptoms or vision problems.  In the advanced stages, the damaged retinal blood vessels are no longer able to supply nutrients to the retina leading to scarring and, ultimately, vision loss.


Fortunately, with early detection and treatment from your eye doctor, vision loss from diabetic retinopathy can be reduced.

It is recommended that people with diabetes have a comprehensive, dilated eye exam at least once a year.  There are different treatments available depending on the severity of the condition, including: blood sugar control, laser procedures and medicated injections.


If you have diabetes, Dr. Kalyani will also be in close contact
with your primary care physician or endocrinologist to

discuss his findings.


Conditions that Kalyani Eye Care treats include:

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